with dr. salek for CHaos in color

Introducing Dr. Salek, the brilliant mind behind “Chaos in Color.” Dive into her captivating interviews where she shares insights, inspirations, and the journey of bringing her vibrant narrative to life. Watch now to explore the colorful chaos through the eyes of the author herself.

Forgiveness and Surviving Childhood Trauma with Dr. Layla Salek

The Curiosity Chamber - Dr. Layla Salek - Unpacking the Past: Childhood Trauma

Understanding The Link Between Childhood Experiences And Adult Behaviors With Dr. Layla Salek

Rick Flynn presents: DR. R. LAYLA SALEK - "Chaos in Color: A Memoir of Childhood Trauma and Forgiveness"

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R. Layla Salek, PhD, is retired from a twenty-year private practice. She trained professionals and parents in behavior psychology techniques to help children with behavioral disorders. She sits on multiple boards and is the founder of Susie Bean Gives ( She is also a travel photographer and writer and is working on her second book, Dear Caregiver.


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